A state of a basic personal happiness is detached form all the trends or desires to always be first, it goes by many names in the many languages of the world, the Danish call it- Hygge, the Swedish – Lagom, the Japanese – Ikigai, in English – it is cosiness, warm-heartiness, graciousness. The Latvians have a nice word – Mājot that literally means being home, however its meaning is a lot wider – it is not just about a place, it means a place where to regenerate strength, it is a state of mind and soul. Being home means feeling alive to the fullest, it means being filled with joy and happiness.

“Mājot” means being hugged by your mother, enjoying the company of your closest friends, the scent of a pie just out of the oven, it is watching old photographs and telling funny stories while sitting by the fireplace, it is herbal tea and home-made candles.


Hygge relationship between people is built on mutual respect and good manners, therefore in LOFT we have these soft rules:

  • conduct yourself in a manner you would wish that others conduct themselves
  • greet your neighbours, wish them a pleasant day and the best of luck
  • use “how are you?” as a genuine question, not just as a greeting
  • always find the time for a sincere conversation and for a smile, we always smile at each other, as it is an expression of kindness towards the others, as well as support
  • treat all children as your own – with love
  • treat both, public and private property of others with care
  • say compliments and mean it, find something to admire in each person
  • thank people for their politeness and care
  • we like to spend time together (to cheer on our favourite sports team, to meet for a cup of tea, to share a pie…)
  • observing the etiquette and having good manners is our mutual language of respect towards one another
  • we try to create true relationships

The designation “good neighbours” is our description. Friendship prevails in our houses.


The hygge soul of the LOFTS&ROSEGOLD is an entity that is both open and unifying, you can feel the warmth of this soul. The walls of the house shelter us and keep us warm, somewhat miraculously giving us love and tenderness, warming our hearts and easing our minds. Our house channels the energy of life, it gives you peace of mind and boosts your self-belief. It is the “I`m home” feeling, which opens up our minds and lets us dream.

There is no better place than Home.


It is possible to train your feeling of happiness by:

  • sharing at least one piece of good news or a moment of happiness each day
  • exercising in the morning
  • smiling at yourself (you can use a mirror)
  • finding time for meditation or relaxation
  • finding a passion (such as a hobby, utilizing your talents, following your life`s calling)
  • seeing the world in a positive way, seeing only the good in all things
  • looking for the good side in all people, they definitely have one
  • sharing a pie, sweets,harvest from your garden, inviting your neighbours over for dinner