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Lofts&Rosegold is residential development where lifestyle takes the centre stage, where shapes vividly bring their contents to life.



Hygge in Riga

A state of a basic personal happiness is detached form all the trends or desires to always be first, it goes by many names in the many languages of the world, the Danish call it- Hygge, the Swedish – Lagom, the Japanese – Ikigai, in English – it is cosiness, warm-heartiness, graciousness. The Latvians have a nice word – Mājot that literally means being home, however its meaning is a lot wider – it is not just about a place, it means a place where to regenerate strength, it is a state of mind and soul. Being home means feeling alive to the fullest, it means being filled with joy and happiness.

“Mājot” means being hugged by your mother, enjoying the company of your closest friends, the scent of a pie just out of the oven, it is watching old photographs and telling funny stories while sitting by the fireplace, it is herbal tea and home-made candles.

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We offer a wide selection of layouts that will suit big families just, as well as individuals valuing their personal space and minimalism.


Strelnieku 8

The LOFTS&ROSEGOLD project is located at Strelnieku 8, in part of the city which epitomizes the concept of hygge, in the most respectable and prestigious part of Riga. Besides, it is a bit away from the tourist hotspots, hence a much more relaxed and measured lifestyle. Only a short walk away are the architectural gems of Art Nouveau which have been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, a true museum of architecture under open sky. The most prestigious education institutions of Riga are located nearby the Project: the 10th Secondary School and the Stockholm School of Economics, several private secondary schools and pre-school facilities. Old Riga, the legendary Viesturdarzs and Kronvalda Parks, and the business quarter are just a few steps away. This area is a favourite amongst the residents of Riga because of its high class restaurants, vine studios, cafeterias and pastry shops are attracting those, who seek to enjoy every moment of life.




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